Reasons to Buy Commercial Property in Noida

Investment in commercial real estate worth every penny. But, investing in commercial property is just not enough to yield the anticipated profits. So forth, location of that commercial real estate matters a lot while investing in commercial property. It should be noted that the location where you are investing must be a prime area for consecutive growth of business and investment. So, the location where you are investing should be given the first preference in order to yield the anticipated profits out of it.

Ever since noida has become a commercial hub, investment in commercial real estates is witnessing a sharp rise in demand from over the last few years. People are now keen to invest in commercial properties of Noida for two main reasons. One foremost reason behind it is to yield stable rental income and the second foremost reason is for capital appreciation in future. Being a commercial hub, Noida inevitably attracts hordes of people for job opportunities that in return furnishes a surge in residential investment. Thus, this has notably facilitated “killing two birds with one shot”, commencing with rise in demand for commercial real estate in Noida, that in return has given a rise in investment in residential properties.

Let us rundown to certain factors that gives you a sense of proof that noida is the best location when it comes to investment in commercial properties: 

  1. Versatile Location: Noida is the charming town of paradise which is smartly connected to varying frequented areas. With the perk of metro services, it’s easy for common people to commute easily from one place to another and that too at affordable pocket friendly fare. Major areas of Delhi like Rajouri Garden, Laxmi Nagar, Mandi House, Dwarka and Nehru Place now seem no far as the metro services have been in force in almost every area of Noida. Excellent connectivity to several national highways like Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad Expressway has made distances less between varying cities and travel more easy.
  1. Enormous provisions: Noida is the realm where one can indubitably find an assortment of IT companies and educational institutions. Apart from the aforementioned, there can never be a dearth of shopping centres, seamless internet connectivity, electricity and transport facilities in Noida.
  1. Commercial Lease Hub: Noida is soon going to be addressed as a commercial lease hub because of enormous demand for commercial estates lease here. So forth, amenities like new and upcoming SEZ and non-SEZ supply, soaring metro connectivity and enhanced infrastructure in Noida are captivating a host of corporate bodies and MNCs from across the world. It has been assessed that Noida is the second largest office market in India and also soon to be transformed into the most affordable commercial hub.
  1. Safe To Invest: If you are thinking of investing a handsome sum of money in commercial property, then be assured if that property will be capable of furnishing good returns or not. Well, as far as good, commercial properties in Noida is the safest zone to invest your money in order to yield a good return on investment and these estates are giving rental yields of minimum 7-10%.
  1. Economical prices: Commercial properties, retail shops and office spaces in Noida are cheaper in comparison to the commercial properties in Delhi. So, people who want to give it a start to their business at an affordable price, they should tune into commercial property of Noida. Moreover, due to this acknowledgement, there has been an increment in the quantum of commercial property investments in Noida. 
  1. India’s Tech Hub: In terms of IT professionals, Noida is one of the highest populated cities. There are virtually 1600 startup companies in Noida. So forth, Noida has an influx of renowned companies like HCL, Wipro, Genpact, Accenture, IBM, Adobe, TCS, Infosys that has added value to the commercial properties of noida.

To your surprise, Microsoft is soon rolling out its new campus in Noida envisioning 4000 employees to be employed in 2021. So, there will be a drastic increase in the number of job opportunities

  1. Provision of Competitive Rents: Inasmuch as hordes of people relocate to Noida for job opportunities, this boosts the demand of commercial property in Noida. So, in case you want to rent out your commercial space, there will be no scarcity of business tenants in Noida ever. You can enjoy a continuous flow of rent just through investing in any reputed commercial property of Noida and so forth renting it out to entrepreneurs.

Inasmuch as Noida is the charming town of paradise, well settled with its modern infrastructure and unforeseen connectivity with varying highways and realms. Thus, it’s totally lucrative to invest in Noida commercial real estate properties. Noida, without any shadow of doubt, is the ideal location for anyone for the investment in commercial property.

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