Guide to Home Buying Process

The process of home buying seems daunting, especially when it is your first-hand bid. No doubt, home buying is the core concept that resorts to glory once accomplished. So, when the person is all decked up to plunge in buying a property, he becomes all curious to know the buying process and feels clutched for a while. Purchasing a home encompasses various dreaded aspects, commencing with financing and concluding with the selection of an ideal solicitor. Dreaded, since once invested and bought, buyers cannot slip back if encountered with any sort of woes related to their purchased property.

In order to go overboard with your new year 2021 resolutions and plans, you might be planning to buy a new home for your family this year. Whether it is your first experience in property buying or you are purchasing a property for the second time, the process running down on home-buying addresses common queries and would guide you in the right direction.

  1. Fix the Budget: Do not leap onto house selection too early before any proper estimations of your finances are done. In order to know what a buyer can realistically afford, he should study whether his finances are in order or not. 

A home-buyer needs to fix the budget at the onset. You can certainly be assisted with a mortgage calculator and the credentials you need for that are your income, savings, debt and other financial obligations. Thereby, assess your credit score, compare your debt with current income and make it triple sure that you will be able to pay off your monthly installments comfortably. Be circumspect that you have sufficient quantum of money for the down payment and closing costs.

  1. Leap onto the Home Loan: Now that you’re all acquainted with your budget, the next go involves finding a solicitor. Discuss the loan options that meet your criteria, get familiar with the interest rates and acquaint with how much you can borrow as a home loan.  
  1. Pre-qualification Letter: Hopping on getting the pre-qualification letter has its own perk. It is not pivotal to lend it, but buyers prefer to get one since it could bring you an advantage of negotiation and do serve as proof that you’re a serious buyer. A pre-qualification letter reads your borrowing power on the basis of your financial lore. 
  1. Hop onto Home Selection: Now that you know exactly how much you can stretch in borrowing, you can savor selecting your house with your real estate agent. Save your emotional energy and time by telling your agent to show merely those homes that fit your criteria.
  1. Get your Offer Accepted: Once assured with a selected home option, your real estate agent will help you make a dynamic offer. If your offer is accepted, you will be entrusted a purchase contract that will specifically read about the closing deposit that you’re willing to put in escrow to serve as a commitment.
  1. Figure Out the EMI Part: Once your offer is accepted, go ahead to apply for a mortgage. Since, the buyer has virtually 45 to 60 days for the fulfillment of his purchase contract, so he needs to hasten to furnish all the requirements. Your lender will send you a gist of loan within 3 days of application submission. This gist reads monthly payment, approximate interest rate and closing costs. Be circumspect, while reading the document. 

So forth, the buyer needs to submit his income and assets proofs in order to furnish verification steps. This is one of the mind-boggling steps that includes massive documentation. This is the most imperative stage in signing up for a home loan as this will ensure the lender that you are a trust-worthy buyer who can handle the EMI pay outs for a longer span.

  1. Closing Disclosure Reception: Once your mortgage is conferred, you receive a closing disclosure before at least 3 days of closing. Closing disclosure is a five page document that reads all the details of your home loan. 

Once the loan closes, the buyer will be handed the keys of the home that might take a couple of days till the funds are received by the seller.

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