Mr. Saurav Mavi
Founder, Team Real Estate Expert(TREE)


Saurav Mavi, started his real estate career way back in 2007 in Ncr realm with Mr. Ankit Mavi (Co-founder) and Mr. Manish Mavi (Director). Responsibilities commencing with formulating the TREE’s business strategy, and maintaining it’s corporate integrity, he has dealt with a bunch of business interests pertaining to real estate such as property trading and management, customer service and corporate estate acquisition.


Mr. Saurav has been striving hard with sincerity of purpose since years and thereby, handling the abundance in order to uplift Team Real Estate Experts to new heights. With enormous knowledge and learnings, he is a well-regarded industry innovator and realtor. In addition to his deep knowledge and diversified connections all across India, he is a founder of Team Real Estate Expert and co-founder of Let’s Create Together.


At TREE, he has raised the regime of team approach while working as realtors and has given everyone equal rights to engage for great results. Doubtlessly, clients deserve full attention and service. For this acknowledgement, Mr. Saurav has deployed such a dynamic team of experts who with zero delay provide full real estate service to the clients. 


Since 2007, Mr. Saurav has been managing the pace of Team Real Estate Experts company, by maximising the value and thinning down the risks. And so forth he has raised a huge sales management team as a turn-out with his non stop hard work. Thereby, this has resulted in continued growth and development of the real estate business. Setting the pedestals high, he never slipped back while cultivating his dream- making the company TREE stand overwhelmingly. Rather, he powered through the setbacks and hardships to take TREE to glaringly new heights. And, thus today Team Real Estate Experts company has taken a 3-fold rise in real estate business.


With sales exceeding 3000 yearly- of luxury homes, co-operative and commercial properties, Mr. Saurav has gained the identity of a one-of-a-kind real estate solicitor and one of Noida’s top brokerage superstars.

Mr. Ankit Mavi
Director, Team Real Estate Experts (TREE)


With an affirmative envision and 13 years of experience in real estate business, Mr. Ankit Mavi has been working hard seamlessly with true dedication and integrity at Team Real Estate Experts Company. Specialised in the sales and marketing of residential and commercial properties, Mr. Ankit is responsible for managing all the initiatives towards sales to fulfill clients requirements. He is one enlightened root of Team Real Estate Expert Company whose built on years of organizing efforts at TREE has created an extremely good real estate management team so far. 


Mr. Ankit is a conventional realtor renowned for his boundless real estate market learnings and unparalleled devotion to his clients. His success is completely based on the positive referrals. Working tirelessly with selfless dedication, uncompromised integrity and competence for over 13 years has rewarded him with enormous popularity as a well-known realtor in the Ncr realm. The only one who has that remarkable capability to make a client satisfied is Mr. Ankit, who has the tendency of offering candid advice if required to any client. From guiding, advising to proper valuation, he carries worthwhile skills for handling his clients real estate needs.


Priding himself to have a proven record of accomplishing client’s realty requirement. Being one of the honest realtors, Mr. Ankit believes in keeping and valuing the clients trust and no doubt strives hard to surpass and fulfill their expectations. His success as a leading real estate solicitor is not confined to his passion for real estate alone, but also his zeal on selling the property with affirmative vision and ideas. Habitual of winning, Mr. Ankit handles and manages Team Real Estate Expert Company with wise demeanor and positive outlook.


Integrity, patience, good sense of humor, and the ability to work with an affirmative perspective and vision are some important attributes that a great realtor possesses, and Mr. Ankit is one of them no doubt. He has that zeal to work wisely with calm demeanor regardless of the fact how stressful real estate chores and transactions are. 


His fortes are not limited to the aforementioned points, but with being a highly seasoned real estate professional, Mr. Ankit is also an inspiring person and a treasure trove of food, wine, shopping, and travel tips.


Mr. Manish Mavi
Co-founder,Team Real Estate Expert(TREE)


Mr. Manish Mavi is an important asset to Team Real Estate Experts. His quintessential knowledge, hard work and true commitment has contributed to the huge growth of Team Real Estate Experts Company. He has been working for TREE for over 13 years and is passionate about furnishing clients requirements. He has a wealth of sales and marketing experience and is highly responsible for assessing the risk and return to the business. Focusing on the projects of Delhi/Ncr mainly, Mr. Manish provides remarkable administrative support to the sales and in-house project management team. So forth, he leads a client relationship management responsibility as well working in collaboration with his highly qualified team.


Mr. Manish has taken a step ahead by ranking as one of the rising real estate realtors in the Ncr realm. Looking over his past records, he has earned an enhancing impression in the real estate field with his regime of going above and beyond the call of duty. This acknowledgement has enabled him to sell the most valuable and prestigious properties in Noida till date. Among his recent sales are a Victory One Amara Residence for over 68 Lacs, a Sikka Kaamna Residence for 1.25 Crores, 1.10 Crore Sikka Karmic and a Victory One Central for close to 70 Lacs.


His expertise is not confined to dealing and selling properties, but also he has a worthwhile ability to furnish his client needs either it’s about giving specific information as crucial advice or about the real time market analysed data and overviews. Although he specifically adores to deal and sell the most prestigious properties in the market, but also Mr. Manish has a flock of customers and properties in a varied price range. Thus, he has drawn huge praises from his clients as he has heartily assisted them find beautiful homes that apparently they dreamt for. Mr. Manish’s client list includes distinguished identities of Noida and Delhi, partners from major investment banks, CEOs of fortune companies of Noida and Delhi, foreign buyers and real estate executives.


Regardless of the proficiency to fulfill the requirements of individual buyers and investors, Mr. Manish has remarkable capability of marketing skills that he learnt moving ahead with real estate business from 2007. And this acknowledgement has given him a reward of handling the requirement of any client in one snap, be it a fussy client or a snotty one. Without any shadow of doubt he never ever faced a failure in satisfying his clients.


Today, Mr. Manish has a recognised excellence among the realtors of Ncr and is always keen to share his learnings and knowledge with other realtors pertaining to real estate.


Abhishek Sarkari
Associate Director, Team Real Estate Experts (TREE)


Mr. Abhishek Sarkari is one of Noida’s most trusted and top-selling realtors among distinguished business leaders and the community of real estate. In the real estate market of Ncr/Delhi, he is renowned for his loyalty, professionalism and integrity. A member of Team Real Estate Experts since 2017, Mr. Sarkari works with investors, developers and individuals interested in the city’s most valuable property. 

Being an expert in the real estate field, Mr. Abhishek Sarkari is truly devoted to serve the needs of property buyers and investors. Mr. Sarkari has achieved a record of highest sales volume in Team Real Estate Experts and has enabled the team to reach a sale of 3000 properties in last year 2020. Hence, he is ranked among the best real estate solicitors now across Delhi/Ncr. His recent successes include the sales of incredible breath-taking commercial properties such as Bhutani Granthum, Bhutani Alphatum and Bhutani Cyberthum.

He is one enlightened asset of the company who provides proper guidance and instructions to the employees working below him in order to nurture the project management staff. Team Real Estate Experts have a huge staff who need direction time and again, and Mr. Abhishek Sarkari is always at the helm to manage and handle each and everyone of the team. 

All the project management and sales team work under his supervision and thus, Mr. Sarkari is totally accountable for ensuring if everyone stands the performance expectation or not. He is responsible for monitoring the progress of the staff and so forth is accountable to direct the team uprightly through training, discipline and motivation.

With over 6 years of experience in real estate, Mr. Sarkari is nationally recognized for his sales achievements and has a great reputation as one of the most admired and trusted agents in the Delhi/Ncr real estate market. Exceptional blend of his knowledge and experience have earned him the identity of the most honorable and respected real estate professional now in the Delhi/Ncr realm. On a daily basis, Mr. Sarkari receives calls from other real estate solicitors asking for his recommendations and valuable advice. Not only this, but he is continuously invited to speak at corporate and real estate functions.